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This site contains a lot of information for school personnel, but if you can’t find what you’re looking forward, check my other sites, as each site has its own focus.

And if you still can’t find what you are looking for, please e-mail me. Please note that I cannot respond to e-mail requests for advice on a particular case as it would be unethical to offer advice about a child or teen I’ve never assessed.

Site Update – Sleep

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The Sleep Disorders section of this site was updated in March, 2015. It now includes more information and practical tips for school personnel to help students suffering from sleep disorders.

Looking for a Good Conference?

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Don’t miss out on some great opportunities to educate yourself about the disorders covered on this site. See the Events listing on my companion site, The TS+ Blog, where you can also keep current on new research on these disorders.

The 2015 Conference on School Culture, Climate, and Positive Behavior Support

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I’m pleased to announce that I will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Conference on School Culture, Climate, and Positive Behavior Support. I will also be conducting a break-out session. Here’s some information about the event, which will be held August 12-13 in Bedford, New Hampshire:

This Institute will focus on sharing examples, tools, and practices within a multi-tiered system of supports framework in order to help schools and communities to improve their culture, climate, and safety and features a youth strand to engage young people who are interested in learning about how to become leaders of and advocates for positive change to their school’s culture and climate.

Last year’s Institute included over 150 people from New Hampshire and 5 other states, including youth, families, educators, mental health providers, policy makers and community members. The Institute is focused on the intersection between schools, students, teachers, administrators, behavioral health, youth/family organizations, and community systems at the pre-school, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.

This year’s conference theme is Strengths, Strategies, and Systems of Support and will include presentations by national leaders, New Hampshire educators, youth, and community partners with opportunities for teams to work together, including instruction on cutting-edge strategies for school improvement.

This conference is a collaboration between the UNH Institute on Disability, the New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports (NH CEBIS) at SERESC, Strafford Learning Center, the New Hampshire Department of Education, DHHS – Bureau of Behavioral Health, NH Communities for Children, and Youth M.O.V.E. New Hampshire.

Sign up at to be among the first notified of new conference details and when registration opens.

Conference details and registration information will be available here.

Hope to see you there!