goal card for young children


Want to positively reinforce some organizing behaviors? For elementary school-age children, consider a simply daily behavior card based on their current needs and levels. The items that you include on the card should represent activities that require some level of effort on the child's part but should not be too far beyond their current abilities. Note that if the student doesn't have the requisite skill, you must provide direct instruction and not just use a "reward" to motivate him or her. If you're not sure whether the student has the skill, first assess before implementing this system.

Here is a sample daily goal card that you can adapt to your needs. It represents a hypothetical child's goals to develop a homework recording/packing up routine. To make it more effective, have the students score themselves and then review their assessment with you for each point. Your judgement determines whether they get the point for the item or not, however.

Keep in mind that you will need to establish a reward menu to make this effective, but not all rewards have to be tangible items -- some rewards can be access to activities of high interest to the child - like special time with you, reading a book together, etc.

 Sample Daily Goal Card for Recording Homework/Packing Up




Points Earned (0, 1)

Wrote down all my homework assignments.


Got all my books to go with the assignments and put them in my backpack.


Got all handouts or worksheets for the assignments and put them in my folder.


Packed my notebook in my backpack.


Packed my folder in my backpack.


Points Earned for Day (Max = 5)









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