Some teachers are disorganized, too!


10. Your colleagues frantically wave at you in the parking lot to let you know you that you left one of your bags on the roof of your car.

9. Your students frequently stand in front of you and ask with concern, "Hello.... can you hear me?"

8. You've decided not to quit your job because it would mean you'd have to clean out your desk and closet.

7. You often have to borrow your child's red crayon to mark papers because you left your red pencils in school.

6. The outgoing message on your answering machine message is, "Please wait for the beep, raise your hand, and wait to be called on."

5. A colleague tells you to make a list for this and a list for that, and three weeks later the only list you have is a list of all the lists she told you to make.

4. You have the school on speed dial because you keep forgetting to give the class guinea pig food or water.

3. Your best friend describes her most disorganized day ever and you wish you could have such a well-organized day.

2. When someone asks you your phone number or address, you give them your classroom number and extension.

1. You have become very proficient at covering up the fact that you left your lesson plan on your desk at home.


This "Top 10" list was inspired by comments left by individuals with ADHD on the web site








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